Jewelers for Japan ™

Jewelers for Japan completed its fundraising drive on June 30 as originally planned. We greatly appreciate the support of so many in the industry, and the caring spirit that was on display during the aftermath of this tragedy. While the Jewelers for Japan effort has ended, we encourage those in the industry looking to make a difference to consider Jewelers for Children at This is a heavily-supported charity for the jewelry industry which deserves all the support we can give.

Thanks again to everyone!
Jacques Voorhees, co-chair
Julianne Paulsen, co-chair

Members of the jewelry industry, like everyone else, have been horrified at what’s happened to Japan and its people.

It seems there is no limit to the calamities the planet can unleash.

There is also no limit to the generosity of people, when called upon to help. Now is such a time. With gold and silver prices the highest they have been, the jewelry industry has a unique and unprecedented opportunity to help touch lives of those so terribly in need that have been affected by this disaster.

Jewelers for Japan is dedicated to providing jewelers a simple and easy way to make a difference. Our concept is simple: take your scrap gold and silver, gold-filled, platinum, and palladium jewelry, and donate them to victims of the disaster. If you wish, invite members of your local community to donate unwanted gold and jewelry as well. Your store can serve as a collection point.

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